10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Going on a diet can often be daunting.

There’s calorie-counting, restricting your favorite foods and certainly, those first few days can be extremely hard to stick to, especially if you’re used to bigger portions and you’re missing your sweet snacks!

Discipline is important but there are other easy tweaks that you can make to your daily food planner to help you lose weight.

Even if you’re not going on a diet and you’d like to shed a few extra pounds, just applying some clever tricks can make your weight-loss journey so much easier.

Read on to find out our super easy food tweaks that will help you lose weight.

1. Water You Waiting For?

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Water plays a huge role in weight-loss.

Drinking water is also so very easy; it’s a wonder why we all don’t drink more of it!

Often, hunger is actually mistaken thirst – it’s an easy one to confuse, so next time you feel a hunger pang coming on, don’t reach for a chocolate bar, instead, try a glass of water and add some fruit if you’d like to alter the taste.

You can also drink a tall glass of water before a meal as this starts to fill up your tummy so when it comes to eating, you’re less likely to over-eat.

Water isn’t only good for your diet, it will help to flush toxins and impurities from your body, giving you more energy and it will make your skin glow!

2. Make Some Food Switches

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

There are some very easy wins with food-switching.

For example, instead of whole milk, try skimmed milk instead.

Did you know that a glass of whole milk is 100 calories more than a glass of skimmed milk?

Switch your butter spread to a low-fat vegetarian spread.

Butter contains 35% saturated fat, whereas a vegetarian spread contains only 15%.

Stop eating potatoes; instead switch to sweet potatoes instead (10 calorie difference).

Instead of a fried egg, have a boiled egg and if you have a sandwich every day, change the bread to a slim-line wrap instead.

Instead of fruit yogurt, trade your dessert or breakfast treat to low-fat Greek yogurt.

Try and be more sensible when you go shopping, each time you reach for a product, think about whether there are lower calories, lower fat substitute instead (do watch out for low-fat products though as they are often high in salt and sugar which can actually be detrimental to weight loss).

3. Eat More Vegetables

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

They’re filling “good” carbohydrates and they’re so good for you – eat more vegetables, especially green vegetables.

Veg is full of essential vitamins and minerals that support your vital organs; they’re also rich in fiber so they keep you regular.

If you suffer from excess bloating, upping your vegetable intake every day will help to reduce that tummy swelling.

They’re also low in calories so you will reap the benefit when it comes to shedding the pounds.

4. Do You Need that Large Coffee?

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

If you fall into the trap of buying a creamy latte every morning to drink on your way to work, think about the size of your drink!

Just by switching to a smaller size will save you some calories every day – multiply that by 5 working days’ worth of calories and you’ll likely shave off 200+ calories a week.

Even better, switch to black coffee or one with skimmed milk – then you’ll really shave away those calories!

5. Don’t Skip Meals!

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

As tempting as it might be, never skip a meal.

It’s simple; your body needs to kick-start its metabolism to help burn calories and fat.

If you haven’t got any fuel in your body, there’s nothing to burn so your metabolism slows down and you feel sluggish and tired.

It’s just not productive, plus if you want to workout, you never perform at your best without eating.

Stick to three meals a day and always make sure you start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Something like unsweetened porridge is a good choice as it’s a slow-release carbohydrate.

If you miss breakfast, you’re far more likely to feel hungry at 10.00am and that’s when you’ll load up on the bad stuff!

Another good idea is an egg and smoked salmon for breakfast.

Protein keeps you fuller for longer and a boiled egg is only 78 calories, 50g of smoked salmon is just 59 calories.

6. Make Your Own Snacks

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

If you make your own snacks, you’re far less likely to reach for a few sugary biscuits or a packet of crisps at 11.00am or during a late afternoon slump.

Be vigilant and prepare little Tupperware boxes of fresh berries, nuts and seeds or pieces of pepper and celery.

These are super options for very-low-calorie snacks that will stave off hunger pangs until your next meal.

7. Change Up Your Wine

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Instead of drinking a glass of white wine, switch it to a white wine spritzer (with soda water) and save on calories.

A glass of white wine is approximately 160 calories, whereas a white wine spritzer only 75 calories!

Better still – don’t drink alcohol at all!

8. Have a Salad

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

Every main meal should have a salad on the plate and make it a big one!

It will help to fill you up and is a great substitute for calorie-laden potatoes.

Make your salad as fresh and tasty as possible, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, colorful peppers and a little sweetcorn will help to fill you up and dress it with a splash of balsamic for flavor.

Salad isn’t just low calorie, because of the vegetable content, it’s really good for you, also, if you eat your salad first, you’ll fill up your stomach and then you’re less likely to over-eat.

9. Chew your Food

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

We all fall victim to eating far too quickly sometimes and that’s why our stomachs don’t register that they’re full – so we eat even more than we need to!

Really take time to chew your food before swallowing.

This allows your stomach to register each bite and your tummy will signal that it’s full faster than when you rush a meal.

As a rule, put your fork down in between bites to allow yourself ample time to chew.

10. Plan your Meals

10 Super-Easy Food Tweaks for Guaranteed Weight Loss

If you prepare a weekly meal planner in advance you won’t risk getting home and wondering what to eat.

When you’re tired and you want to eat quickly, if you haven’t thought it through you’re far more likely to choose something that’s fattening.

If you plan your meals in advance, you’ll know what’s on the menu so you’ll be ready to cook your plain salmon and green vegetables, for example, or your grilled chicken breast with a baked sweet potato and salad.

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