8 Foods You MUST Avoid To Lose Belly Fat

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Do you look at your tummy and wish that it didn’t look like jelly?

Perhaps you’re slim everywhere else but you have a pocket of belly fat that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you exercise?

Or maybe you’ve had a bloated stomach for years and just don’t understand why!

Well, it’s possible that some of the foods you eat are causing that excess fat and bloating.

A bigger belly could lead to lots of health complications too such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes and even slim people can carry excess belly fat so it’s important to take care of your health as well as your excess fat.

By taking a long, hard look at your diet, you might be able to pinpoint the problem, but knowing which foods to avoid is difficult.

You can either try a process of elimination, banning certain food types from your diet for a couple of weeks to see if there’s any belly-fat difference, or you can read our list of what eight foods you need to ditch from your diet for a leaner, slimmer stomach.

1. Sugary Food

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Sugar is the enemy when it comes to fighting stubborn belly fat.

You already know that sweets, biscuits, cakes and other goodies aren’t good for you and that mainly, these types of food get stored as fat.

Even foods like frozen yogurts and sweet tea contain sugar, so limit the sugar you eat and keep sugary snacks as a special treat, perhaps once a week.

Fructose is another derivative of sugar and often used in weight-maintenance food but actually, it can add to belly fat too so keep an eye on the ingredients list on those “lower” fat foods because often they’re just as bad for belly fat as regular sugary foods.

Ditch both today!

2. Sugary Drinks

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

By the same token, sugary drinks are the belly’s enemy.

We are talking about things like regular Coke, regular Sprite, Fanta and other high sugar drinks.

Non-carbonated sweet drinks are also bad for your belly and are so high in sugar, often containing more than two teaspoons of sugar!

It’s best not to drink sugary drinks; if it’s one of your vices then it should be easy enough to control.

Switch to flavored water (add your own sliced fruit to sweeten it naturally) and remember, any extra sugar is extra fat on your belly.

There is another disadvantage to sugary drinks, studies prove that calories that come from liquids are different from calories from food because they don’t make you feel full, so you automatically drink more or you reach for a snack to accompany your sugary drink.

It’s best to ditch sugary drinks altogether.

3. Alcohol

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Not a food but still something that you consume, alcohol is a complete no-no.

Now, we are not suggesting that you don’t indulge yourself occasionally but do stick to low-calorie, low-sugar options.

Try Vodka and slimline tonic with a slice of lemon, vodka is 230 calories per 100 ml and low carb so it doesn’t add as much belly fat as for example, gin.

A white wine spritzer is even better, at just 75 calories (with soda water)!

This doesn’t mean you should binge on alcohol though, it’s best to ditch alcohol altogether for a slimmer belly.

4. Packaged Foods

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

There are lots of “trans fats” hidden in packaged foods such as pre-packed baked goods, crackers, frozen pizzas, coffee creamers, baking mixes and more.

What are trans fats?

They are the worst type of fat of all because they are made with hydrogen which stabilizes them so they last longer on the shelf.

As well as causing excess belly fat, they can also prove resistant to insulin and increase heart disease risk.

Here’s a longer list of what trans fatty foods you should ditch:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Margarine
  • Potato Crisps
  • Biscuits
  • Crackers
  • Fish Fingers
  • French Fries
  • Deep-Fried Food
  • Doughnuts
  • Pastries
  • Croissants,

Remember ALWAYS check the ingredients list on any pre-packed food for trans fats.

5. Dairy Foods

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

If you’ve really tried everything, perhaps dairy is affecting your belly?

Millions of people are lactose-intolerant without realizing it.

You might have a mild version or you could have severe lactose intolerance.

If you’re gassy and bloated, you should consider this as a possible reason and see a medical professional.

Try switching out your cow’s milk for nut milk, soya milk or a lactose-free product.

Do the same with yogurt and cheese.

Dairy food can make your belly swell and by ditching it, you could shift belly fat even if you’re not lactose-intolerant.

6. Processed Carbohydrates

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Lots of diets say stick to low-carbs and some even say avoid carbs altogether.

It’s about being balanced but processed carbohydrates are definitely belly enemies because they convert into fat.

Things like white bread, pasta and rice are absolute no’s, they are possibly one of the worst types of foods for excess belly fat and by reducing them or removing them from your diet altogether, you’ll see a huge difference to your belly flab.

7. Healthy Foods!

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Yes, sometimes even healthy food cause belly bloat (rather than fat) but if you find that your middle is constantly bloated, you will always feel “fat”.

If you follow a healthy eating plan but find you still have excess belly flopping over your clothes you should limit your intake of high fiber such as beans, broccoli and kale.

Cabbage is another vegetable that can give you uncomfortable bloating.

Limit them to smaller portions, don’t remove them entirely.

8. Potatoes

Tired of Belly Fat? Ditch These 8 Foods From Your Diet!

Potatoes are terrible for your belly.

You already know that French Fries and potato crisps are high in fat, but even a jacket potato is bad when it comes to adding fat to your belly.

Studies show that eating a baked potato is no different from consuming one tablespoon of sugar.

Don’t completely remove all potatoes from your diet (but definitely ditch fried potatoes and processed potatoes, even roast potatoes in oil are very fattening).

Instead, limit baked potatoes to once a week and keep it small.

Don’t overload it with butter either, it’s best to eat it plain, with a little salt and pepper.

Adding butter only adds to the calorie content and remember, butter is high in fat.

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