Orange and Cinnamon Mimosa

Orange and Cinnamon Mimosa

Put a festive twist on your Christmas table this year by serving up my Orange and Cinnamon Mimosas.

Ok guys, we are only a couple of days out from Christmas now, how exciting is that? And I know that most of you out there are probably super prepared and have your whole day organised down to the tee. But surely there is room for just one more cocktail? And if it’s too late to make it on the Christmas table this year then it will be perfect for your New Years celebrations.

So let me introduce you to my Orange and Cinnamon Mimosas. They are another twisted version on a classic which is based on the champagne loving cocktail the Mimosa and it will become the eleventh cocktail in THIS SERIES to date. I can see these guys being the perfect partner with my CRANBERRY AND ROSEMARY CHRISTMAS MULES that I shared with you guys last week.

Today we are going to play with something a little bit different. We aren’t going to reach for one of those bottles on the shelf that we have been collecting over the last couple of months.

No, today we are going to play with something from the fridge. Something that just screams to be opened at celebrations. That something being a bottle of bubbles.

I just love popping bottles of bubbly open. The anticipation as you slowly turn the bottle to release the cork, doing so ever so slowly as not to cause an eruption or possibly lose control and have a rogue cork flying uncontrollably through the air. Wow I think I just made that sound way more thrilling than it really is. But never the less I love the very small level of excitement that it brings.

I usually like to use the drier styled Italian bubbles, Prosseco for most of my sparkling cocktails. Mainly cause I’m not the biggest fan of the sweeter stuff, which is kinda funny considering I have the largest sweet tooth in the world. But if the sweet stuff is your jam then I suggest using it. It’s really no biggie, it won’t affect the cocktail that much.

To make these Orange and Cinnamon Mimosas a little bit more special than the original classic Mimosa recipe, I have changed two things.

Firstly instead of using orange juice from the bottle, I have used the juice from freshly muddled oranges. This really lightens up the flavor and of course the colour of the cocktail.

And secondly I have added a splash of my heavenly cinnamon infused sugar syrup to the mix. You guys are going to love this stuff. It is so simple to make and can be used in so many different styled drinks, hot and cold. Plus I have made the batch large enough to make this recipe twice or you can store it in a glass container out of the sun and use it another time. Just make sure you remember to make it a little bit before hand so that it has time to cool before using.

So to make today’s Orange and Cinnamon Mimosas you will need the glass part of your BOSTON SHAKER, your JIGGER, HAWTHORN STRAINER, MUDDLER and some champagne glasses to serve it in. I have made this recipe to make eight serves which will equal to one bottle of regular sized champagne/ sparkling wine/ bubbles bottle.

Once the cinnamon sugar syrup has cooled you can begin making the cocktails. Start by cutting up the oranges into 8 pieces each. Then place half of the orange pieces into the glass part of Boston shaker. Using your jigger measure out half of the cinnamon infused sugar syrup and pour into Boston glass. Then using your muddler, muddle oranges and sugar syrup for at least a minute. Next using your hawthorn strainer, strain the liquid evenly into 4 of the glasses.

Discard orange skins and repeat process with the remaining half of the orange pieces and cinnamon infused sugar syrup. Pour this liquid into the other 4 glasses.

Top all 8 glasses with your choice of champagne/ sparkling wine/ bubbles.

To garnish cut an orange slice in half, cut rind the off and twist around your finger. Place a slice and a rind into each glass. Check out photos for a better look at how to do this.

Orange and Cinnamon Mimosa

You guys are going to love these celebratory festive styled cocktails. They are fresh, flavorful and will be the perfect addition to any celebrations that you have over the festive season.

Merry Christmas guys, I hope you all have a fantastic day with the ones you love.

Take care and cheers 🍾.

Orange & Cinnamon Mimosa

Servings 8 cocktails


  • 2 oranges cut into eight pieces each
  • 4 oz 120ml cinnamon sugar syrup
  • 25 oz 750ml bottle of prosseco/ champagne/sparkling wine or bubbles
  • 4 orange slices cut in half with rinds removed and twisted for garnish
  • To make cinnamon sugar syrup
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 cinnamon quill


  • To make cinnamon sugar syrup place sugar and water into a small saucepan over a high heat. Stir with a wooden spoon. Once sugar has dissolved place cinnamon quill into saucepan. When the syrup starts to boil leave it on the stove for a couple of minutes than remove and allow to cool.
  • Place ½ the orange pieces and 2 ounces (60ml) into glass part of Boston shaker. Using muddler, muddle for at least a minute. Then using hawthorn strainer, strain liquid evenly between four of the champagne glasses.
  • Discard orange skins. Repeat step 2 with remaining orange pieces and sugar syrup. Strain this liquid into the other four champagne glasses.
  • Top all eight glasses evenly with bubbles of your choice. Garnish with one half slice of orange and twisted rind in each glass.

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